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Enlarged Prostate – An Overview

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By , April 5, 2017 6:01 pm


An informative article giving detailed overview of the common male condition known as prostate enlargement.

enlarged prostate, prostate

It is interesting to note that the aging dog (like his master) is also prone to prostatic enlargement, but (unlike his master) does not often develop retention of urine. However, due to the bulging upwards of the enlarged prostate the dog’s rectum is compressed. This engenders a feeling of continuous fullness in the rectum and induces straining. The prostates of eunuchs are small and underdeveloped, and enlargement of the prostate is unknown.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most common diseases to affect men beyond the middle age. The prevalence goes up with age, and thus the total number of patients is increasing as a result of aging population. A majority of these people suffer gradual progression of symptoms and the concomitant discomfort, and require either medical or surgical treatment. The growth and development of the prostate is under the influence of male hormone “testosterone?

Rather surprisingly, there is no close correlation between the size of the prostate and the extent of outflow obstruction. However, the larger the prostate, the greater is the risk of BPH complications such as acute urinary retention and the need for surgery.
BPH is usually a slowly progressive condition. An average increase in the prostate is 1-2 cm per year. BPH is the most common condition affecting the prostate accounting for over 80 per cent of prostate disease. The defined risk factor for BPH is age. Clinical BPH seems to run in families.

In the early stages of the disease, the patient complains of hesitancy, a reduced stream and incomplete bladder emptying and then frequency, urgency and nocturia. Later on, prolonged micturition, acute urinary retention, urge incontinence, etc, can have a negative effect on the quality of life and may be associated with sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction and disorders of ejaculation.

The treatment of BPH can be with the help of drugs or by going in for surgery. Some of the drugs used are Finasteride, Duatasteride, Terazosin, Alfuzosin and Tamsulosin. Adverse side- effects of these drugs can be erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, reduced ejaculation, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, postural hypotention, etc.

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Everything About Arthritis

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By , April 2, 2017 2:42 am


Arthritis (from Greek arthro-, joint + -itis, inflammation) is a group of conditions that affect the health of the bone joints in the body.

arthritis, cure of arthritis, treatments on arthritis

One in three adult Americans suffer from some form of arthritis and the disease affects about twice as many women as men.

Arthritic diseases include rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, which are autoimmune diseases; septic arthritis, caused by joint infection; and the more common osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease. Arthritis can be caused from strains and injuries caused by repetitive motion, sports, overexertion, and falls. Unlike the autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis largely affects older people and results from the degeneration of joint cartilage. Other forms are discussed below.

Arthritic joints can be sensitive to weather changes. The increased sensitivity is thought to be caused by the affected joints developing extra nerve endings in an attempt to protect the joint from further damage.

Signs and symptoms
All arthritides feature pain, which is generally worse in the morning and on initiating movement, and resolves in the course of time. In elderly people and children, the pain may not be the main feature, and the patient simply moves less (elderly) or refuse to use the affected limb (children).

When faced with joint pain, a doctor will generally ask about several other medical symptoms (such as fever, skin symptoms, breathlessness, Raynaud’s phenomenon) that may narrow down the differential diagnosis to a few items, for which testing can be done.

Arthritis and fever together are pointers towards septic arthritis (see below). This is a medical emergency, and requires urgent referral to a rheumatologist.

The various types of arthritis can be distinguished by the pace of onset, the age and sex of the patient, the amount of (and which) joints affected, additional symptoms (such as psoriasis, iridocyclitis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and rheumatoid nodules), and other clues.

Blood tests and X-rays of the affected joints are often performed to make the diagnosis. X-rays can show erosions or bone appositions.

Screening blood tests: full blood count, electrolytes, renal function, liver enzymes, calcium, phosphate, protein electrophoresis, C-reactive protein and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Specific tests are the rheumatoid factor, antinuclear factor (ANF), extractable nuclear antigen and specific antibodies whenever the ANF is found to be positive.

Treatment options vary depending on the precise condition, but include surgery, and drug treatment, reduction of joint stress, physical and occupational therapy, and pain management. There are also numerous herbal remedies that purportedly treat arthritis, including Harpagophytum procumbens. For specifics, see the articles on the individual conditions listed below.

In March 2005, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the USA found that a diet rich in oily fish raised the body’s production of an anti-inflammatory fat, and may thus reduce the effects of arthritis. According to their study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, this diet worked best when combined with low aspirin doses.

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Everything You Need To Know About Bone Scans

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By , March 29, 2017 11:32 am


A bone scan is a study done to show problem spots on the spine. A radioactive chemical, sometimes called a “tracer”, is injected into the bloodstream. The chemical quickly attaches itself to sections of the bones that are actively making new bone. Images are taken of the skeleton, several hours after the shot. A bone scan can show problems such as fractures of the spine, infection, and bone tumors. It can also be used to resolve bone density and the bone-thinning condition of osteoporosis.

bone scan, skeleton, osteoporosis, bone tumor, radioactive tracer, bone making, bone cells

This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on the subject of bone scans. If you have chronic back pain, a bone scan may be one of the scarier tests that you may undergo, but it is actually a fairly safe and relatively painless procedure.

First off, what is a bone scan?

Simply put it’s a study done to show problem spots on the spine. A radioactive chemical, sometimes called a “tracer”, is injected into the bloodstream. The chemical quickly attaches itself to sections of the bones that are actively making new bone. Images are taken of the skeleton, several hours after the shot.

How is a bone scan done?

An intravenous line (IV) goes in your arm or hand. The chemical tracer is injected into the bloodstream through the IV. There is a waiting time of two to three hours, while the chemical attaches itself to any areas of bone that are undergoing quick changes. Generally, you are free to leave and come back after this time.

After that, you will be asked to lie or sit underneath a large “camera” that takes pictures of your skeleton. because the chemical tracer is radioactive, it sends out radiation that can be captured by a unique camera. The camera is analogous to a “Geiger counter” in that it uses film to capture the radioactivity. The process takes 30-90 minutes.

Why a bone scan?

When it is uncertain precisely where the problem is in the skeleton, a bone scan is very helpful. It offers the ability to isolate any problem areas by taking a picture of the whole skeleton. Concentrations of the chemical look like dark spots on the film. In an adult, this usually indicates there is a problem. The increased bone-making activity is an answer to the trouble. For example, bone cells will very rapidly start to make new bone to try to mend it, if there is a crack of the bone. Once these areas are located on the bone scan, the physician may order other tests for exact information about your condition.

A bone scan can show problems such as fractures of the spine, infection, and bone tumors. It can also be used to resolve bone density and the bone-thinning condition of osteoporosis.

How risky is a bone scan?

The chemical is radioactive, but it disappears from the body very rapidly-within hours. Something injected into the bloodstream can always provoke an allergic response. Generally, an allergic reaction to the chemical is uncommon.

What are the limitations of a bone scan?

The bone scan does not show details of the bones or soft tissue. It simply shows how greatly the bone around an exact area is reacting to the problem.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. You should continue searching for additional information to help you.

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Diabetes ?Living Beyond The Disease

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By , March 25, 2017 9:23 pm


Diabetes sneaks up on a person slowly ?one grain of sugar at a time ?one pound at a time — until all of a sudden the pancreas and other systems of the body don’t cooperate and function together. Insulin activity dwindles, fat and protein metabolism switches gears, and soon the circulation to the eye blood vessels and kidneys isn’t behaving itself. Like the old song, “foot bone connected to the ankle bone, ankle bone connected to the knee bone,?anything that goes wrong in …

Diabetes sneaks up on a person slowly ?one grain of sugar at a time ?one pound at a time — until all of a sudden the pancreas and other systems of the body don’t cooperate and function together. Insulin activity dwindles, fat and protein metabolism switches gears, and soon the circulation to the eye blood vessels and kidneys isn’t behaving itself. Like the old song, “foot bone connected to the ankle bone, ankle bone connected to the knee bone,?anything that goes wrong in one part of the body affects all the other parts. In diabetes the effects are life-threatening.

In the United States alone there are over 18 million people with diabetes, (almost 7% of the population) and most of them aren’t aware of it yet. People with diabetes cover a wide range of ages, from babies up to the senior citizens. Finding out how to handle the problem and following all the advice given to them consumes their lives. Ultimately the challenge requires creating a balance of diet, exercise and insulin. Balance, balance, balance! This becomes the controlling word in a diabetics life.

Diet remains the biggest task of these challenges because of the addictive nature of the body’s longing for sweets. Milder forms of diabetes can be controlled by the diet alone, rather than having to resort to added insulin. The diet for each individual needs to be balanced to individual needs, and the ingredients for all seem to be a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Keeping a balance between the acid and PH levels in the body also needs to be considered. Yet, it just isn’t that easy to give up those bottles of Pepsi that seem to make you feel stable. ‘White foods?are almost always a no-no for a diabetic, and those fresh vegetables are a life-sustaining necessity.

Diabetics often have unique personalities. They tend to be part of the most creative section of the population. They think in terms of wholeness rather than in details, which means they often love to start a project but have a hard time finishing it. Their creativity also can express in ways that others might call disorganized. The Ugly Duckling story portrays the hidden life of the diabetic, and they often don’t have enough self-respect or self-esteem because they feel they are different.

From the brilliance of their thinking (which is often hid from the rest of the world) to the tag of ‘erratic?that is sometimes applied to them, the diabetic is who you want around in a time of crisis. When the house is on fire they will excel because they are only dealing with one situation at a time.

However, should the car not start in the morning there are too many options available. A diabetic is as apt to call the suicide help line as to call a mechanic.

Living as a diabetic, or living with one, means acknowledging that there is a major difference in how the wholeness of the personality functions. Reinforce the positives and learn to live with a little disorder. Respect the bodies intelligence that knows when it needs to rest. The non-diabetic hasn’t always learned this beautiful lesson on how to make the most of a human life. The diabetics are the way-showers!

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Easy Games to Play for Fun

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By , March 22, 2017 5:33 am


Change the how and why you play a game online and also make some good cash by doing it. We offer you practical advice on how to do this.

games,gaming,computer games,gambling,casino,casinos,poker,sports,recreation,sports

Get acquainted with a practical guide on the easiest games that you can play online. And once you read this article, you will find that you have at least stopped losing all your money. If you follow the advice well and to the dot, you will also learn how to start winning cash from other players or by beating the casino. Sounds interesting? It is.

Note that the games you must look out for are those where the house edge is very low. If these are hard to find at the casino you have entered, look for those games that depend more on skill than on luck. Some of these include blackjack and poker. The games to avoid because they depend solely on luck are any of the slot machine games such as Caribbean Stud or the regular or progressive slot jackpots. These rely only on luck and the house edge there is against you.

What is a House Edge?
Since the casinos and betting establishments are in it for making money, they have created an artificial method to gain leverage over the players. This is what they have termed house edge. What it means is that over and above what you win, the casinos deduct a certain amount for themselves. It is something like insurance but only for them and not for you. But the casinos do not actually do this. Instead, they have inserted these odds into the game winnings so that you do not notice it. When you win, you are paid according to the newly calculated odds and you are no wiser.

For instance, if you walk over to a casino and place a bet of ten dollars on a roulette table. (For arguments sake, let us also suppose it was an American roulette table.) If you win, you should be given three hundred and seventy dollars because the true odds is thirty-seven to one. Instead, you will only get three hundred and fifty dollars according to the odds of thirty-five to one. This is what I was referring to in the previous paragraph. What has happened is that you have lost twenty dollars to the casino as part of the house edge.

Playing Poker:
Pick and play this exceptional game because ,here, you are not competing against the house at all. It is other players like you who you are up against. Do battle against them and defeat them for cash. No house edge comes in the way here, but you do pay a small part of the money you win to the casino as a commission. This winning commission is called rake, and its so minute that you do not feel it pinch your pocket.

In addition, this is one of the best games to play if you are good at it and if you have razor-sharp skills. You will be able to mint money like crazy if you can read other expressions and count the cards well. You can also pick from a variety of game variations such as Red Dog Poker and Texas Holdem.

Playing Blackjack:
This is one of those games that the casino does not like you playing. If it was up to the betting establishments, they would remove these tables altogether. Why? Because the edge for them is only a half percent! Thus, is you play well by remembering that you have to beat the dealer and not reach 21, you stand a big chance of accumulating a large sum. I also suggest you brush up on your mathematical skills.

If you wish, learn how to count cards, but be careful. Because card counting works, casinos have banned it. All you have to do is count the colored cards (the cards that are ten and above). Then, it will be easier to decide which bet to make and which not to make. Practice again and again at home because you not only have to master this skill but you also have to learn to do it silently so that the casinos do not catch on.

Video Poker:
This is a game very much like one of the many regular and progressive slot machines games you will run into at a casino, but it is different. Unlike slots, skill plays a big part in the results, and thus you have a bigger chance of winning than at one of the slot machines.

But, before you begin, glance at the payment structure pasted on the machine. You should make your gaming decisions based on the house odds and payment structures of the machine.

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Eczema Treatment

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By , March 18, 2017 3:11 pm


General information on what Eczema is, what causes it and how it can be treated.

Eczema, skin

What is Eczema?
Eczema is a skin condition commonly known as dermatitis which can result in dry flaky skin which can be itchy and feel hot. This sensation often leads to vigorous itching which in turn can damage the skin.
The word Eczema comes from the Greek words that mean “to boil over? The word Dermatitis comes from the Greek word for skin. Both words refer to the same condition though.

There are four types of eczema, (atopic, varicose, discoid and contact/dermatitis).

Atopic Eczema is the most common form of Eczema. It is linked to hay fever and asthma. There is a tendency for it to be inherited, but there are also environmental factors which are important as well.
Atopic means extra sensitivity to certain substances (allergens) e.g. dust mites, cat and dog fur etc.
It affects 15-20% of young children in the UK, however, in about 70% of these cases, it clears up. If it doesn’t clear up, then it is likely that the condition will get worse as the patient gets older.
For some reason, the number of cases of Atopic eczema have increased in recent times.

Varicose Eczema affects the lower legs of patients. It is associated with varicose veins and is often a pre-cursor to varicose vein problems. It is also associated with poor circulation. Unlike Atopic eczema, it tends to affect the middle aged and the elderly.

Contact/Dermatitis Eczema can be either an acute or chronic skin reaction where there is a sensitivity to a particular material. This reaction may be an allergic or non-allergic reaction. This condition is caused when the bodies immune system reacts with a particular substance.

Discoid Eczema can occur at any point in a persons life, however, it tends to appear at a later stage in life. It tends to affect the lower legs and feet and shows itself as a distinct round patch of eczema.

What are the symptoms of Eczema?
This type of Eczemas symptoms normally include red, dry, itchy skin. There may also be some small water blisters which can weep on the hands and feet. Scaly areas will develop as well where the skin has been continually scratched.

The symptoms for Varicose Eczema start with a mild itchiness just above the ankle. This will then become speckled and inflamed as well as becoming itchy. On occasion, ulcers can form.

This type of Eczema usually starts out with a rash in the area where the trigger substance has come into contact with the skin. Once the eczema has been triggered, then the eczema can spread through the body.

Normally, one or a number of round patches of red skin appear. They may be itchy and become blistered. It is also quite common for these patches to be infected with bacteria.

What is the treatment for Eczema?
As with all conditions and diseases, it is usually best to talk to your doctor before embarking upon any course of treatment. The information below is purely for information purposes only and I always recommend that you read the information below and then go and talk to a medical professional.
There doesn’t appear to be a cure for eczema, however, there are a number of treatments which can control the symptoms of this very uncomfortable condition.

There are a number of over the counter creams which will help to soothe your eczema of which there are two types. These are emollients which are moisturisers which will soothe and hydrate the skin. A good time to apply these creams is straight after a bath while your skin is still slightly moist. There are also mild steroid creams. These creams can calm flare ups of eczema by suppressing your bodys inflammatory response. Even though these creams are available to anybody, it is wise to ask the pharmacists advice before using either emollients or mild steroid creams.

Your doctor may prescribe some prescription medicine if the emollients and mild steroid creams don’t work.

Your doctor may advise you to take anti-histamine drugs which will help you to sleep although they won’t directly relieve your eczema.
If your eczema is severe enough, it is possible you could have to go to hospital where the staff there will be able to keep you away from any trigger allergens and also to ensure that you take the medicine prescribed for you.

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Gilles Tourette syndrome

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By , March 14, 2017 11:51 pm


Tourette syndrome, aka Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, is a neurological or neurochemical disorder that can be characterized by tics. Tics are involuntary, rapid, sudden movements or vocalizations that occur repeatedly in the same way. Symptoms to Tourette’s include multiple motor and often times several vocal tics present at some time during the disorder. These various tics are not nessecarry to occur simultaneously.

tics Gilles Tourette syndrome

Tourette syndrome, aka Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, is a neurological or neurochemical disorder that can be characterized by tics. Tics are involuntary, rapid, sudden movements or vocalizations that occur repeatedly in the same way. Symptoms to Tourette’s include multiple motor and often times several vocal tics present at some time during the disorder. These various tics are not nessecarry to occur simultaneously.

The occurrence of tics throughout the day usually occur is spasms. These spasms occur nearly every day or intermittently throughout a span of more than one year. The syndrome will change in the quantity, frequency, type and location of the affecting tics.

Vocal tics can be subdivided into various categories, including:
– Repetition of words after reading them
– Spontaneous utterance of socially questionable words (Usually Racial and ethnic)
– Repetition of one’s own previously spoken words
– Repetition of words spoken by someone else after being heard by the person with the disorder

Besides the vocal tics mentioned above, there are many other categories which don’t always involved word repetition. Tourette Syndrome vocal tics don’t even have to be words, they can be represented by almost any possible short vocal sound. The most common of these types of tics are sounds produced that resemble throat clearing, short coughs, grunts, or moans.

Motor tics can be a numberless variety of actions which can include:
– Contorted facial grimacing.
– Knuckles banging together
– Itching
– hand-clapping
– Scratching

Tourettes Syndrome is indicated when a person exhibits both multiple motor and one or more vocal tics over the period of 1 year, with no more than three months of consecutive living tic-free. These Tic disturbances can easily impair and or distress the individual from functioning normally. The diagnosis cannot be involved with substance abuse or another medical condition, and must be before the age of 18.

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Deauville La Magnifique

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By , March 11, 2017 8:34 am


Pour le fun ou pour gagner gros, le casino en ligne est un lieu proposant des jeux de hasard ( roulette, machines ?sous, Craps , Baccara et autres jeux de dés, etc.), de cartes (blackjack, poker), et des machines automatiques (machines ?sous, video poker..) ayant pour enjeu l’argent


Les grands hôtels de Las Vegas, Macao et Monte Carlo font tout pour obtenir le privilège de les faire jouer. Ils sont la source assur?de gros profits car statistiquement, ils vont perdre. Les hôtels n’hésitent pas ?mettre ?leur disposition un avion priv?pour les faire venir ainsi que leurs meilleures suites. Quant on est en mesure de perdre des centaines de milliers de dollars, tout le reste peut ètre offert. On peut dire en français “un flambeur”.

Mais pour nous, simple debutant ou joueur non encore confirmes, je vous propose de decouvrir le casino a la francaise: DEAUVILLE.

Le Casino de Deauville est l’un des premiers casinos du groupe qui comprend entre autre les casinos Barrière de : Besançon, Ribeauvill? le Palais Casino du Touquet, Carnac, Dinard, Enghien-les-Bains, l’unique de la région parisienne, Chamonix, Cannes, Sainte-Maxime, Biarritz et bien d’autres répartis entre la France, la Suisse, la Belgique et Malte.

Depuis 1990, le capital de l’empire est répartit entre Barrière-Desseigne, le Groupe Accor (34%) et Colony Capital (15%).
Le chiffre d’affaire du casino de Deauville s’élève ?lui seul ?:215,3 millions d’euros en 2004.
Découvrez ?la fois le luxe et la sobriét?du Casino Deauville!Son immense palais blanc vous ouvre ses portes sous ses prestigieux tapis moelleux et une architecture incomparable, pour mieux vous faire vibrer au son des
cliquetis rythm?des jackpots, les tables rutilantes, ses bars et ses restaurants toujours avenants?

Dans cette ambiance festive et chaleureuse, venez retrouvez au Casino Barrière de Deauville tous vos jeux favoris.
Casino Deauville c’est 325 machines ?sous réparties en 3 salons, 6 tables de Boule, sans oublier ses Machines ?Rouleaux et Vidéo Poker de 0,10 ?20 euros

Entrez dans la salle de la Boule. Vous y retrouverez 6 tables avec mise minimale de 2 euros.

Le Casino Barrière de Deauville porte l’héritage de la splendeur du pass? Dans ce décor somptueux, vous pouvez varier les plaisirs ?chaque instant.

Vous y retrouverez les jeux ?mise minimale d’un euro :
2 tables de Roulette Française (mise minimale de 5 euros),
1 table de flash roulette Française (mise minimale de 10 euros),

4 tables de Roulette Anglaise,
10 tables Black Jack,
4 tables de Stud Poker,
1 table de Punto Banco,
1 table de Craps.

Mais Casino Deauville, c’est aussi ses spectacles tels le festival swing et ses loisirs tels le Golf.

Celui-ci, situ?sur le Mont Canisy, ?quelques minutes du centre de Deauville, offre une vue exceptionnelle ?la fois sur la mer et toute la campagne environnante, dans une tranquillit?absolue. Vous y retrouverez les parcours ?9 ou 18 trous. Des compétitions y sont aussi organisées.
Alors pourquoi attendre plus longtemps ! Rejoignez vite le Groupe Casino Lucien Barrière ?Deauville ! Le seul Casino ?vous offrir en plein cœur de la Normandie le plaisir des jeux mélés au plaisir du sport !

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Fighting The Epidemic Of Crystal Meth

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By , March 7, 2017 6:01 pm


Help is at hand for changing our approach to dangerous drugs. New resources are being developed and deployed to help rescue Americans from the grip of crystal methamphotamine, or meth.

Fighting The Epidemic Of Crystal Meth

Help is at hand for changing our approach to dangerous drugs. New resources are being developed and deployed to help rescue Americans from the grip of crystal methamphetamine, or meth.

According to a survey taken in 2004, an estimated 12 million people in the United States ages 12 and older had tried meth at least once, and 1.4 million of those had used it within the last year. In addition, law enforcement agencies nationwide ranked meth as one of the top drugs responsible for increasing violent crime rates in communities, according to a 2003 National Drug Intelligence Center survey.

A new meth toolkit addresses this raging issue with a CD-R that includes seven comprehensive information and action guides for specific audiences, enabling them to work collaboratively and form coalitions to raise awareness and fight the meth epidemic in their communities. The toolkits include:

• A Meth Primer: provides basic facts on meth, myths and truths about the drug, and offers examples and statistics showing that meth is a severe threat to the health and safety of communities.

• A Guide for Community Leaders: includes specific examples of what is working in other communities and steps to build a coalition to combat the meth issue, and identifies how to mobilize local resources and implement plans for meth prevention projects.

• A Guide for Schools: outlines the signs and symptoms of meth use and exposure, provides tips for school guidance counselors, nurses and administrators on how to help students who are using meth and other drugs, and provides five, 50-minute lesson plan examples that introduce the dangers of meth to students of all ages.

• A Guide for Parents: describes the signs and symptoms of meth use, gives tips for talking to children about meth and other drugs, explains reasons why adolescents use meth, and provides specific examples of what parents can do to keep their children off meth.

• A Guide for Health Care Professionals: outlines the various medical complications of meth use, describes common emergency room treatment procedures for meth users, explains how first responders can help children who have been exposed to meth, and gives example protocols for medical evaluation of children found at a meth lab.

• A Guide for Employers: includes statistics on the high cost of drug abuse and growing rate of meth use on the job, explains what to do if an employee is suspected of drug use on the job, and provides instruction on how to develop a workplace policy that addresses drug addiction.

• A Campaign Resources Guide: provides sample cover letters to community members introducing a meth awareness campaign, three sample press releases to recruit community support and gain media attention, printable fact sheets about meth, four sample awareness posters and a meth resource directory.

The meth toolkit from the nonprofit Hazelden Foundation, a national leader in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, also includes three documentary videos illustrating the devastating effects of meth from a broad range of perspectives.

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Get Rid Of Bad Breath

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By , March 4, 2017 3:16 am


Get rid of bad breath with easy, simple tips that make a big difference.

get rid of bad breath

If you want to get rid of bad breath, it depends to some extent on the cause of the problem. If you have any doubts, or the problem seems chronic, it would be wise to consult your dentist or physician to ensure that the bad breath is not symptomatic of other problems that should be addressed. For instance, you could have periodontal problems (gum disease), and even diabetes can cause breath odor.

Having said that, generally the causes of bad breath are well known and can be addressed by applying the following admittedly general advice. These are appropriate to the most common cases of bad breath, such as that which is caused by mouth bacteria creating a smell as it breaks down food consumed.

Firstly, if bacteria are responsible for the smell, wouldn’t removing or killing the bacteria alleviate the bad breath problem? This is not a practical answer, as the bacteria are naturally occurring and required by the body to pre-process food before it passes to the stomach. However, if we discourage the extent of activity of the bacteria by various means and this will reduce the problem.

The bacteria thrive on protein rich foods, so reducing the amount of meat consumed and increasing instead fruit and vegetable intake is a benefit and lessens bad breath. You may also want to consider this action for general health reasons.

A dry mouth is possibly the most common reason for having a noticeable problem with the bacteria. The bacteria are anaerobic, which literally means without oxygen, and saliva provides oxygen, so a lack of saliva encourages growth. Saliva can be reduced if you breathe through the mouth, as for example when you sleep, and this causes “morning breath? Other mouth drying activities include missing meals, drinking alcohol and not drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

If you are in the habit of eating foods rich in garlic, onions or other strong smelling fare, then the answer to reducing a bad breath problem should be fairly obvious. The smell is basically of a sulfurous nature, and is transferred to the blood, then to the lungs, where it is exhaled. The smell will stay until expelled from the body.

Pay close attention to your dental hygiene to help get rid of bad breath. It’s worth brushing not only your teeth but also the surface of your tongue and the roof of your mouth to reduce odor. Daily flossing will remove food and debris, and should help get rid of the problem.

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