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This article is about homemade skin care treatments that women can use especially those with a limited budget.

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Why do television shows like the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Ambush Makeover, and Style Her Famous become big hits among viewers worldwide? One possible reason for this is that these shows amaze people with the remarkable transformation that happens to people who receive makeovers. These makeovers actually change people’s lives, creating a positive impact on their relationships, career, and self-esteem. Loyal viewers of these shows also secretly dream about making dramatic changes in their own lives. Vicariously, they relish in the joys of transformation as they watch ordinary people like them step out to make changes in their physical appearance, emotions, and mindsets.

Still, viewers of these shows cannot help but notice how expensive a makeover can be. A change in hairstyle or wardrobe can cost thousands of dollars. An enormous amount of money is also needed to undergo extensive skin care treatment.

Self-transformation is a somewhat risky proposition. It is not east to get a new hairstyle or shop for a whole new set of wardrobe. But as far as skin care is concerned, most people (especially women) can go no-hold barred. Still, the cost of buying famous and expensive brands, spa treatments, and high-tech skin care treatement solutions can easily run into a couple of hundred, even thousands of dollars. People wishing for skin beauty treatments, however, should not feel hopeless. This is because skin care treatments can already be had in the comforts of one’s home, even without spending too much.

Effective skin treatments for less money? Yes, it is possible. Below are some of the common and effective homemade skin care treatment recipes that are very useful for those with limited budgets:

Pimples are usually caused by excess oil and clogged pores. One way to prevent having pimples and getting rid of excess dead skin cells is through a fruit facial. Fruits such as grapes, strawberry and pineapple contain substances that work much like commercial salicylic acid formulas minus the side effects. Make a mixture of these fruits using a blender and apply on the face like a mask. Leave the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off using lukewarm water right after. In case pimples have already appeared, dabbing a small amount of pure white toothpaste will make it dry faster. Also, eye drops applied on pimples can remove its redness for some time.

Smoother and tighter looking facial skin with smaller pores can result from using toners or astringents. At home, one can use a mixture of two tablespoon pureed berries (strawberries, cherries, cranberries), one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon oatmeal combined in a bowl. Before putting the mixture on the face, wet it first with water then spread the paste evenly allover the forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck. Leave it on for approximately five minutes before rubbing it gently on the areas mentioned earlier. After these steps, wash the mixture off using tepid or lukewarm water. Another instant toner that can be used is ice cubes. Rub it all over the face to tighten pores and increase blood circulation.

Wrinkles are among the most common skin problem among older women. One good home-made skin care treatment for wrinkles is mashed banana. Simply mash or mix bananas in a bowl and apply it on the face. Leave the substance for 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Other components that can be used to remove wrinkles are green Thompson seedless grapes and pineapples. Cut the Thompson grapes in half and gently squeeze it at wrinkle lines of the face. Leave the juice for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water right after. Also, the core of pineapples can be rubbed on the face as wrinkle treatment. Leave the pineapple fluid for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off.

Aside from skin care solutions that can be applied directly on the skin, it is also important to have the right substances inside the body that will help keep our skin healthy. We need to eat nutritious food, especially those that are rich in vitamins that have been proven to be good for the skin. Vitamin A helps stimulate skin repair and can be found in eggs, milk, carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Vitamin E which helps in the maintenance of body tissues are usually found in whole grains such as wheat, oats, and oily fish such as sardines and mackerel. Leafy green vegetables and nuts are also rich in Vitamin E. Finally, Vitamin C which helps in making the skin firm and wrinkle-free can be obtained from eating citrus fruits such as oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and cabbage. Increasing the intake of foods rich in these vitamins will surely help protect and beautify the skin.

As cited earlier, effective skin care can be down even at a low cost. Resourcefulness is the key to have a n inexpensive yet real skin transformation. Aside from these fruit-based skin care recipes, it is also important to keep a positive attitude and practice stress relief techniques. For a lasting beautiful skin, a person should not only transform from the outside but also from the inside where real beauty is found.

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