Workingout for those of us over forty.

By , July 10, 2020 11:47 am


This is a pre- workout summary, and is for those who have not workouted for a few years, read this then go on to a workout program of your liking.

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This is not a quick fix for any medical problems,this is what worked for me and my wife Vanessa of 22 years , not to long ago I was sixty pounds over weight , I did not liked walking past mirrors at all so I decided to loss weight and get myself into tip top shape. So me and my wife came up with a wonderful running/weight training program, which was very simple exercise for 30-40 minutes per day everyday regardless of whatever is going on stop,and drop everything and take care of yourself now! We give ourselves a lot of leadway as far as what we do during this time for example one day we may go bike riding next day maybe jogging,then weight training the next ,and we have great results such as looking and feeling younger, being in a much more positive frame of mind. I don’t think a person knows how much happier they are when they love the way they look,or at least I did not realize I would much happier I’d be after losing sixty pounds, being always being told by family and friends, how much younger I look. so any way here’s the perfect workout for anyone who ever had trouble losing weight.
#1 commit yourself to working out daily every day seven days per week
#2 don’t be hard on yourself if you forget or just don’t feel up to it ,forgive yourself
#3 start today not tomorrow today is for winners tomorrow is for losers.
#4 start easy with 30 minute walk.
#5 get workout c-d’s or tapes
#6 give yourself a choice of different routines every day,repeat the same routine if you like,it’s OK
#7 good luck!!

Dale Brown

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