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Children’s Acidophilus – 60 Chewable Tablets by Vitabase

By , July 28, 2014 4:14 am

Children's Acidophilus - 60 Chewable Tablets by Vitabase

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Chewable Acidophilus for Children Over 100,000 billion viable bacteria live in your digestive system, existing in about 400 different strains. Maintaining a proper balance between "friendly" bacteria and bad bacteria is important for good health. That is true even for children. Children taking antibiotics may experience unexpected side effects as the good bacteria are destroyed along with disease-causing bacteria. Probiotics are dietary supplements containing live bacteria; they are taken orally to restore beneficial bacteria to the body. These supportive bacteria can help restore the digestive system to a proper balance. Ongoing research has revealed a number of possible uses for probiotics. Acidophilus works to break down food in the small intestine and leads to the production of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide as well as other products that help suppress detrimental organisms. Acidophilus also helps produce lactase, an enzyme that breaks down milk sugar (lactose) into simple sugars. This helpful bacterium is also key in the production of vitamin K. Other uses include the possible reduction or prevention of some diarrheas. Bifidobacterium provides similar functionality in the colon.


  • Provides a high-potency, multiple-species probiotic supplement.
  • Offers grape-flavored chewable tablets that are easy for children to take.
  • Is microencapsulated for maximum effectiveness.
  • Helps establish an excellent digestive environment.
  • Does not require refrigeration.

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