What are the symptoms of Nail Fungus?

By , April 20, 2012 10:53 pm

The symptoms of a nail fungus can range from discoloration to separation from the nail bed. Usually the first sign of a nail fungus is the tiny white dot that will appear at the tip of your nail and it just gets worst from there if not treated quickly. Other signs of a nail fungus can be badly brittle nails, shape distortion; dark colored nails and if there is the presence of foul odor.

Fungi are organisms that grow rapidly in dark, warm places and usually your toe nails will see nail infection before your fingernails. Why is that? 90% of the times your toes are covered with socks are shoes that cover the entire foot so it does not breathe as much as the fingernails do or shall we say get as much open air as the fingernails. This has fungus written all over it if you don’t protect your nails from the beginning to end of the day. For example when you buy running shoes/tennis shoes – buy those that breathe and gives your feet the air needed to keep out germs and room for things like this to happen. Keep your feet clean and away from sweat and heat for long periods of time.

The old saying that one should really take care of your body when young cause it will tell on you when you age is an understatement. This statement holds true for so many aspects of our lives and nail fungus is not exempt. Here is why: you should drink lots of water to keep toxins out, you should not walk around barefoot which ages your feet and make them more prone to infection and open slits which is how fungi can enter the body. Other things that can increase your chances of nail fungus would be if you are a diabetic with circulation problems which weakens the immune system or if you tend to work where you are constantly sweating or under humid conditions.

Treatment for nail fungus can be given by a doctor by way of oral antifungal medication or you can buy over the counter creams that will help. Keeping the infected area clean and dry is a must or you will see it return repeatedly. Some home remedies that have been known to work are vinegar and vapor rub. These have not been clinically test for nail fungus but by word of mouth it has seemed to work.

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